A Strawberry Detection System Using Convolutional Neural Networks


In recent years, robotic technologies, e.g. drones or autonomous cars have been applied to the agricultural sectors to improve the efficiency of typical agricultural operations. Some agricultural tasks that are ideal for robotic automation are yield estimation and robotic harvesting. For these applications, an accurate and reliable image-based detection system is critically important. In this work, we present a low-cost strawberry detection system based on convolutional neural networks. Ablation studies are presented to validate the choice of hyper-parameters, framework, and network structure. Additional modifications to both the training data and network structure that improve precision and execution speed, e.g., input compression, image tiling, color masking, and network compression, are discussed. Finally, we present a final network implementation on a Raspberry Pi 3B that demonstrates a detection speed of 1.63 frames per second and an average precision of 0.842.

IEEE International Conference on Big Data